Naming Opportunities

Southern's ongoing expansion of its science programs will be greatly enhanced with the planned construction of a 98,332-square-foot, four-level academic and laboratory science building. Situated adjacent to Jennings Hall, the current home for the sciences, the new building will enhance the ongoing expansion of Southern’s science programs and the university’s capacity to educate more students in the STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Science Building


The new science building will provide a number of naming opportunities:


   Rock Garden
   Science Garden
   Rainwater Collection System
Lower Level
   Center for Nanotechnology
   Lower Level Theatre
   Lower Level Wall Murals
First Floor
   Physics Wing and Associated Laboratories
   First Floor Village Walkway
   Two Aquaria
   Nanotube Light Fixture
Second Floor
   Earth Science Wing
       and Associated Laboratories
   Astronomy Control Room
   Environmental Science Laboratories
Third Floor
   Chemistry Wing
       and Associated Laboratories
   Molecular Biology Wing
       and Associated Laboratories


   Kinetic Displays
   Two 50-Seat Classrooms
   Student Study Areas
   Conference Rooms
   Touch Tank