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The care and safeguard of all Southern Connecticut State University property is the responsibility of every member of the University.  The following policies are mandated by the State and administered by Southern's Inventory Control Office.

By Connecticut General State Statue 4-36, a full physical inventory of the University will be performed once a year.  Equipment having a value of $1,000 or more and a useful life of one year or more is "capital inventory."  Capital inventory is tagged with a bar coded inventory label, and maintained on the University's inventory system.

Equipment having a cost of less $1,000 and prone to theft is "controllable inventory."  Controllable inventory is tagged and inventoried by the same standards used for capital inventory.  Examples of controllable inventory are computer peripherals under $1,000 cost.

Capital and controllable inventory will be accounted for annually to meet State and CSU mandates and reporting requirements.

Department chairs will annually appoint a staff or faculty member as their department inventory representative for at least a one-year term.