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Digital Signs

The digital signs in the Student Center are a part of the growing network of signs across campus, the information that is displayed can reach not only the student center, but also the residential housing areas.

Guidelines, Policies and Information for the Digital Signage:

  1. Images must have a clearly defined start and end date for their posting.  

  2. Images must have a clearly defined Campus Department or Campus Organization they are produced/co-sponsored by visible in the image

  3. Images regarding an Event must have a Date, Time, Location, and Contact information visible in the image

  4. Images for events will only be displayed up to two weeks prior to the event

  5. Images for reoccurring events such as weekly meetings will only run for two weeks

  6. Multiple images for the same event will not be run concurrently

  7. All images must to be sized to fill the screens. Recommended sizes are 720px wide by 1280px high, or 1080px wide by 1920px high.  The system works best with JPEG images.

  8. For the most wide-spread coverage submit the poster to the "Events ONLY 9by16" feed.

Having Trouble Getting Started?

Give this tool a shot, it will help make a professional looking design and remember to save as a JPEG to load into the signage system 

Reach Media Network Signs

The new signage platform is run by Reach Media Network and is administered by Information Technology's Amanda Mojica.   The new platform uses the University Login but is only available to select users initially, if you have been granted access you may access the platform at