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Accessibility Guidelines for Travel

Any club or organization planning an event on or off campus which includes transportation for Southern students must accommodate students with disabilities that wish to attend if requested. In the advertisement for the event, please include a contact person and their contact information for students to request accommodations.

For example, "Please contact Firstname Lastname at if you need accommodations for the event."

For assistance in coordinating transportation, please contact The Office of Student Life. 

Access to Clubs and Campus Events

"Students with disabilities who wish to participate in campus clubs and other extracurricular events should be aware that all university sponsored events, both on and off campus, must be made accessible. Those who need accommodations in order to fully participate (such as accessible transportation or sign-language interpreters) should notify the organizers of the events as early as possible. Students with concerns regarding access should contact the DRC."
-- As written in the SCSU Disability Resource Center Manual 2011-2012, page 27.

For more information about travel guidelines, please contact The Office of Student Life at 203-392-5782.