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2014 Recyclemania

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Recyclemania has come again! This Spring, Recyclemania will run from February 2nd - March 29th.



Say goodbye to sorting!

Effective July 1, 2011, paper, bottles, cans and cardboard recycling can be placed in the same recycling bins. Known as "single-stream recycling," SCSU has joined the effort in changing the recycling system to collect common recyclables in the same bin. Recycling bins across campus received new labels announcing the types of commodities that can be recycled.  Label replacement occured gradually throughout the 2011-2012 academic year. While bins may continue to be labeled "Paper" or "Bottles, Cans & Plastics," the campus community members can place recyclables in either bin.
There are also locations across campus, such as in the residence halls and in the Engleman rotunda, for regulated wastes (e.g. batteries, ink cartidges, etc.). The Recycling Center also holds an e-waste (electronic waste) collection drive. For a list of acceptable recycling materials and where to recycle, click here.
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